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Casual bar or lounge for a few drinks with a DJ or live music, dancing in the club, or why not try one of the many unique bars and restaurants? Cabo has it all, and a great time is sure to be had by all! Depending on your speed, volume preference and style, Cabo has a wide variety of really cool spots to enjoy for a fun evening. While most Cabo vacation veterans have their favorites, and they frequent them every year, there is always an option to try something new. If you have never tried some of the Cabo landmarks before, it is time to check them out! From food and drinks, to merchandise and fun staff, the scene in Cabo is really fun and vibrant and full of options, here are some of the favorites;

• Uno Mas Cabo – A fun little bar located in the heart of Cabo. Located in the little rock village many call the Flintstones Village where you can find souvenirs, pharmacies, and Shoppe’s. In the back of the Plaza is Uno Mas. The small little hole in the wall bar has fresh fruit drinks, great music and laughs. Uno Mas is a great place to grab one of their signature cocktails or a beer and enjoy some fun before heading to the other clubs to dance.

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Uno Mas

• Cabo Wabo – A famous Cabo San Lucas landmark, Cabo Wabo is part owned by rock legend Sammy Hagar. They have a great menu for lunch and dinner and Sammy, and other rock legends that enjoy the location and the destination of Cabo often frequent the bar and give live performances. A great place for families to enjoy lunch and music and feel the Cabo vibe.

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Sammy Hagar Cabo Wabo

• Señor Frogs –Famous across Mexico for a fun and lively atmosphere, staff that make special occasions fun and vibrant and great food. Senor Frogs is truly a great experience and one that should not be missed; it really is just a fun environment and a great spot to party with friends and family!

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Senor Frogs Cabo

• El Squid Roe – A trip to Cabo is not complete without a trip to El Squid. Squid has been a Cabo nightclub and bar for almost 30 years now and the original Cabo nightspot. While Squid is also open during the day for lunch and drinks, the action really happens here at night. Squid has made the Yard famous, beers and mixed drinks served in a glass one yard long, makes for a great souvenir and is a lot of fun! The gift shop and Squid Roe merchandise is also famous as well.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club recommends visiting El Squid Roe

• The Nowhere Bar – Located on the marina front, the Nowhere Bar is an indoor outdoor club with great ambiance and a good spot for dancing and enjoying the evening under the stars. Nowhere has a sushi bar right next door, for those who get hungry while enjoying a night out, or a great taco spot right around the corner as well!

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The Nowhere Bar

This is only short list of five of the Cabo hotpots and favorites of Grand Solmar Vacation Club members. There are dozens of more popular bars, if your favorite spot is not on the list, leave a comment, we would love to add it to our list and recommend everyone’s favorite Cabo spots. See you soon!

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