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There are several special days in the calendar of importance, to celebrate Mexican history and culture. Halloween is an adopted holiday, celebrated for the arriving visitors, and also the locals from the US, Canada and Europe who have brought their traditions here, and have made it more mainstream in Cabo. ‘Queremos Halloween’ is the chant instead of the North American ‘Trick or Treat’. Many locals hand out candies on the streets, visitors get involved too, and business and restaurants hand out treats to ‘trick or treaters’ dressed up throughout downtown. Many house parties, resort parties and businesses make special Halloween competitions and events to celebrate the holiday. In Mexico, the big holiday and the traditional event however, is Dia De Los Muertos, November 2nd. While this is celebrated much more on the mainland, in cemeteries and plazas, Baja California is still a Mexican state, and of course it is not left out of the festivities. Dia De Muertos is day to celebrate the dead and remember them. The story or legend of this special day, is that on this day, the souls of those we loved who have passed on, can come back to the land of the living just on this day. In order for the souls to cross over, the living, create an altar or shrine of remembrance to honor the dead so they know they are missed, and in memory of the living. Pictures, candles, pan de muerto or the bread of the dead, their favorite dishes are cooked and placed on the altar, along with marigold flowers. It is not a day of mourning however, but a day to honor and celebrate the loved ones who have passed and remembers the great times and recognizes that the living, are also only guests on this planet, and one day they will also join the dead.

Celebrate Halloween and Dia De Muertos en Los Cabos with Grand Solmar Vacation Club 2

Traditional Mexican Day of the Dead altar

At the resorts, Solmar employees will build altars often in the lobby, sometimes to past employees or even the company founder Don Luis Bulnes, and other times for legends from histories past; singers, actors or even politicians to honor their memories. The lobbies at the resorts are usually the main places for these altars. Also, downtown Cabo San Lucas, at Plaza Amelia Wilkes the altar displays are truly magnificent. There are also displays in the main plaza in San Jose Del Cabo as well. These are so colorful and beautiful they are a great way to honor those who are no longer among the living.

If you find yourself in Mexico during Day of the Dead, be prepared for a great example of Mexican culture at its finest. In some Mexican cities and even in Cabo the cemeteries are decorated with the same adornments as the altars, and loved ones food, favorite music and drinks are placed at the graves to remember them.

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