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Grand Solmar vacation ownership members have been visiting Los Cabos for quite a while, some even decades, as some are even the original Cabo timeshare owners. With these years of experience, many have found favorite restaurants, hangouts, activities, and made friends over the visits. While many have their favorite things to do, even Grand Solmar timeshare owners from years ago, can always discover something new in Los Cabos. Here are a few things to check out on your next visit, or re-discover if you have tried them before!

Organic Farmers Markets – For those timeshare members at Grand Solmar who are staying for a few weeks or longer, you will need to hit the grocery stores. The organic markets provide fresh fruit, vegetables and even poultry and fish at great prices. Many are also fun and provide a great venue to listen to live music, enjoy a coffee or walk from stand to stand and browse through the many artisans with their offerings on display. The two largest markets are located in San Jose Del Cabo, the Organic market on Saturdays and the Sunday market to the north in the town of Pescadero.

Surf Lessons – North of Cabo in Pescadero sits a world-famous surf beach called Cerritos. This is a very fun activity to do with the whole family. As large waves and small waves can be caught at this protected little cove where you can learn to surf in waist high water.  Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas is only about a 30 minutes drive away from Cerritos heading north on HWY 19.

Whale watching in Cabo

Turtle Release/Whale Watching – These are two activities we are blessed to have here in Baja California Sur. Whale watching from November through April is an amazing activity. While you can whale watch from the pools at Grand Solmar, getting out on the water through a responsible tour operator is also an amazing way to see these creatures a little closer up. Turtle nesting season from September through December is also an incredible activity to both witness, and partake in a baby turtle release. This is something truly special, as you can help release baby turtles and give them a much better chance of survival; this is a very fun entire family activity.

Grand Solmar timeshare owners may very well have these checked off on their vacation lists, but if not, try these 3 activities/hotspots and enjoy a new Cabo experience! Follow us on Twitter