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Grand Solmar Vacation Club lets you enjoy all of the wonderful things about going on a dream vacation. Visit Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort as an owner, giving you the benefits and discounts that come with being a Grand Solmar Vacation Club member. All of this, in addition to the exceptional customer service, is just a few of the reasons why so many members make it a tradition, and come back yearly. It’s similar to flying first class, you never want to go back to coach; the same can be said about staying at a luxury resort. When you stay at a Grand Solmar Vacation Club member, everything else just seems inadequate. See why we have become the choice of many with our award-winning resort.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club offers upscale luxury accommodations

Grand Solmar has worked hard to gain such a respected view of the vacation membership world. They understand how important vacations are to members, and strive to give them the best experience possible. From the large things, like infinity pools and swim up bars, to the small, such as local textiles and artwork in the room; Grand Solmar goes to great lengths to make members feel welcome. The staff treats you on a first name basis and gets to know you personally. They remember members yearly, and guests have raved about how great it is to be treated like you are a family when you stay at Land’s End as a Grand Solmar Vacation Club member. There is no other experience like ours. We take upscale vacations and redefine them to suit them for all your needs.

+Grand Solmar Vacation Club

There aren’t many better choices for a vacation than Cabo San Lucas. The city is filled with a rich history and culture, something that you feel every time you step outside. Venture to downtown Cabo and get a sense of the atmosphere and aura that surrounds you. The sights smell and tastes are all unique to Cabo and will make you wonder why you hadn’t visited sooner. Enjoy fresh seafood, directly from the Pacific Ocean. See live music and performance art, and take a look at the amazing architecture. There’s something for everyone to see and do when they visit Cabo as a Grand Solmar Vacation Club member.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Land's End Resort & Spa

For the ultimate in relaxation, enjoy a spa day or golf outing at Land’s End. The spa center is state-of-the-art, allowing you to relax and unwind in the most intimate of surroundings. Experience nature all around you as you get a massage, facial, or a relaxing seaweed bath in an oceanside cabana. If you want a bit of competition, play eighteen holes of championship golf! Tee it up with family and friends, and see who does the best.

If all of this sounds like your dream vacation come true, turn it into a reality. Visit Grand Solmar Resort or call 1-800-344-3349 today to see how you can become a Grand Solmar Vacation Club member.
Make your vacation a memorable one, thanks to Grand Solmar and Grand Solmar Vacation Club!